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“Warehouse 13”- Old School Vs. New School

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I need an old [geek] and a young [geek]… The power of [science] compels you! For the young’uns, that was a ripoff from “The Exorcist”. A recurring theme of “Warehouse 13” is valuing both old and new ideas, and ways of doing things in the workplace. The last episode was entirely dedicated to the concept.

Saul Rubinek and Allison Scagliotti in "Warehouse 13"

Saul Rubinek & Allison Scagliotti in "Warehouse 13"

In “Burnout”, Artie and Claudia (played by Allison Scagliotti) take different approaches to solving a case involving an artifact that burns people to a crisp. While Allison takes the holograms and hardware approach, Artie takes the pen/paper and hands-on approach. While both have their shortcomings, the point is that both have value.

Speaking from experience, the biggest mistake you can make in your career, or life in general is becoming “set in your ways”. Sure, there are values and beliefs you’ll take with you wherever you go, but if you’re trying to meet professional challenges with the same rigid mindset/approach, you may as well be doing house or car repair with just a hammer. The trick is to be open-minded and pragmatic. It’s a bad idea to dismiss ideas or perspectives outright just because they’re old. By the same token, you shouldn’t dismiss any new ideas just because they’re unproven. One should be looking at both approaches, gleaning value from both sides, and coming up with new ideas and perspectives that incorporate the best of both worlds.

The same is true when working with coworkers of differing ages. Whether you’re a young professional trying to prove your worth, or an seasoned vet trying to maintain your worth, you should be appreciating ideas/concepts that are either fresh or proven. Stubbornly holding on to an approach or perspective regardless of the circumstances may turn you into 1)  a TV news pundit or 2) Darth Vader.  Seriously, don’t go there!

So what’s your school? Old? New? Both? Post it here.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

August 12, 2009 at 2:55 pm