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The “Royal Pains” of Self-Employment

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Hank faces the possible end of HankMed in "Royal Pains"

Hank faces the possible end of HankMed in "Royal Pains"

In the season finale of “Royal Pains”, we see HankMed coming apart at the seems. Divya’s getting married and Evan has underhandedly lost all the company’s money in a scam involving his father. While the episode can illustrate the pitfalls of running your own business, there are other issues to consider when considering self-employment.

While Hank up until now has been successful working for himself as a concierge doctor, the circumstances around his venture into self-employment aren’t exactly typical. Like any other life changing decision, there are factors to consider before going down this road. Aside from the entrepreneurial questions you have to answer, there are also financial, legal and personality issues that factor into a successful business. Martha E. Mangelsdorf provides a brief questionnaire of all the things to consider before working for yourself in “Should You Try Self-employment? 12 Things to Consider“.

Having tried self-employment myself, I can say the article asks some very good questions as well as providing other resources to help you start your own business. I can also say that it takes a lot of soul-searching to decide whether or not you’re suited for self employment. You’ll need passion and ability to manage and minimize risk to keep your business both profitable and personally rewarding. While the season finale ends in a cliffhanger, you know Hank will use his uncanny ability to think on his feet to save his practice and “probably” his relationship with Jill. If you can think on your feet too, that’s a big plus in working for yourself.

As the star of your own show, take a page from Hank’s story. As he did in the Pilot, put some serious thought in before starting your own business. It could mean the difference between a defining success or a forgettable failure.

What are your questions about starting your own business? Post it here.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

August 28, 2009 at 4:20 pm