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“Heroes”- Chasing Their Dream Careers

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Hiro and Ando chase their superhero dream careers on "Heroes"

Ando and Hiro chase their superhero dream careers on "Heroes"

Just getting my feet wet with the new fall TV season. While the jury’s still out on new shows, I’ve been a fan of “Heroes” almost from the beginning. In the 2-hour season premiere, Hiro, Ando and Peter Petrelli are chasing their dreams of becoming true-blue superheroes. When it comes to our careers, how can we be successful without dreams and the will to pursue them?

In the Season 4 premiere, Hiro (played by Masi Oka) and Ando (played by James Kyson Lee) are intent on making superheroism a profession by starting their own heroes for hire business called “Dial a Her0”. Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Peter (played by Milo Ventimiglia) is taking the superhero/alter ego route by playing a mild mannered NYC EMS Tech, while secretly using his super powers to save people’s lives. All are trying to live their lives on their own terms after an unending string of events that have forced them to use, lose and regain their powers to save humanity in one way, or another.

Don’t Just Dream It, Do It

For me, life can sometimes feel like it’s forcing me to live on its terms, pulled one way or another by obligation and circumstance. The only way to live your life or develop your career the way you want is to HAVE dreams and to PURSUE them.  Curt Rosengren suggests filling in the blanks of your dream to make it reality in “How to Move Forward With Action or Dream“.

Make Sure It Comes From the Right Place

However your dream is borne, make sure it comes from the right place- heart and soul. You’ll need both to make your dream come true. If it comes from anywhere else, you won’t have the courage or the passion to take one step.

What motivates you to chase your dreams? Share it here.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

September 26, 2009 at 9:01 pm

“Burn Notice”- Stay Motivated On Your Job Hunt

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I know I know. The show is on mid-season hiatus now, but the story line holds timely lessons for your job search. Like many, I’ve been looking for new career opportunities for some time. With all the effort  I’m putting in to continue my career, it’s not easy staying focused and motivated.

Jeffrey Donovan as Micahel Westen on "Burn Notice"

Jeffrey Donovan as Micahel Westen on "Burn Notice"

As I’ve said before, Michael Westen is a very driven individual. He knows how to balance pursuing his goals with biding his time until he can make his next move. No matter who he’s helping, or how many times he’s geting beat up or nearly killed, he stays motivated in the pursuit of his goals. Like Michael, the only way you’ll get anywhere is to stay motivated in your job hunt.

Eye On Th Prize

John Gordon shares some tips on staying motivated in your job search in “From Fired…to Fired Up“. Aside from losing the anger, having clear goals to pursue, staying humble and staying open minded as Gordon writes, I can also add that it’s really hard looking for a job on your own. If you don’t have friends and family members who can help you network and get referrals, try social networking sites like Linkedin and Twitter to meet people in the same boat, as well contacts that can get you hired. Like Michael Westen says in the series, you won’t live for very long unless you put your trust in somebody.

If you know that you’re not alone and that others are interested in your success, the hunt goes a lot smoother.

Got a tip trick to stay motivated? Post it here.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

August 17, 2009 at 8:58 pm

Lesson from “Burn Notice”- Surviving the Fallback Job

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To celebrate the “Burn Notice” appearance at Comic-Con in my own non-privileged way, I’m pulling another lesson from one of my favorite shows- how to survive the job you’re stuck in.

In the latest episode, Michael is compelled to help a teenage boy stay with his mom in a custody battle with his abusive father, whose brother is a local crime lord. For those who didn’t see the pilot, Michael Westen comes from a broken home where his father beat him. It’s natural he would identify with his latest client, and ultimately find something of value in his current line of work (which he still scorns)- fighting for those victimized as he was in his childhood.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Hard Lemonade

Like Michael, many people are forced by circumstance to work in fallback jobs just to make ends meet. The way things are going, they’ll be stuck in those jobs for some time. So if you’re fortunate enough to have any job, but not fortunate enough to be doing something you enjoy, there are things you can do to make your situation more tolerable. Rachel Zupek has a list of suggestions in “Are You Stuck in Job Prison?” to include changing your perspective on your current job, identifying the good and bad parts, and focusing on the positive aspects. Zupek also writes that you should still be pursuing the work you desire by networking, continuing education, and coaching. Volunteering for something within the company that excites you , as Zupek writes, can lift your spirits and provide more opportunities to get a better job. For whatever reason you’re stuck in a job you don’t like (whether it be fear, financial necessity, or both), making the most of what you already have, in addition to pursuing your career goals regardless of difficult economic times is what’s ultimately going to help you through.

As For Me…

While I’m not currently working, I’m doing what I can to make the most of it, as many others are. As I’ve written before, I continued my education, I’m networking, and I’m blogging. I’m also taking the time to really enjoy what I have, such as the TV shows I write about, and also my very supportive family. Times are rough, but they’re more bearable when you’re not struggling alone. I commend anyone fortunate to be working now, regardless of what it is, and if they’re still pursuing the work they desire, I hope they get it.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

July 25, 2009 at 11:46 am