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Acing The Review on “Warehouse 13”

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Artie get grilled with Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) in "Warehouse 13"

For some, undergoing an annual review can be like facing the judges on “Top Chef” or any other reality competition show of your choice. On the latest episode of “Warehouse 13”, Artie takes a bold approach to a surprise review meeting with warehouse management called the “Regents”. With some documentation and some open communication, you can ace your review meeting with your pride and career intact.

In “Breakdown“, Pete and Myka are left to watch the warehouse while Artie runs an administrative errand. While on that errand, he’s invited to a meeting with Mrs. Frederic (played by CCH Pounder). The meeting turns out to be a surprise performance review of Artie, by the mysterious governing body of the warehouse called the “Regents”. As Artie is being grilled, he figures out the reason behind the meeting is their fear of Macpherson, a rogue ex-warehouse agent introduced in “Implosion“. Artie declares in a not-so-subtle way that the only way to stop Macpherson is to let him do his job. Although it would be nice to stick it to your manager on just how valuable you are to your company, there is a nicer, more PC way to do it.

Make Your Case

Patrick Erwin shares some simple tips to tackle your annual review in “Do You Panic at Review Time?“. Erwin writes that you should document the work you’ve been doing as well as your accomplishments to ensure that your manager hasn’t overlooked anything.

Evaluate Yourself

Erwin also writes you should be assessing yourself and taking steps to improve your performance from one review to the next.

Communicate with Your Boss

Finally, Erwin writes that you can take the edge off the fear of reviews by getting constant feedback from your boss or manager between review periods. They can give you guidance on how to improve and you can keep them on the same page as far what you’ve done and accomplished.

I’ve had my fair share of reviews myself, and I can say things go much better when you and your boss are on the same page. If you have regular contact with your boss, keep them posted on what you’re doing and getting guidance from them on what you should be doing, there won’t be any surprises during review time. It’s pretty tough to be a valuable contributor to your company if you don’t tell anyone what you’re doing, nor can you be a valuable contributor if your boss isn’t giving you any feedback on how to be more valuable to them or the company.

Any tips for surviving performance reviews? Post it here.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

September 9, 2009 at 4:07 pm