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“Eureka”- Embracing FAIL

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Colin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson in "Eureka"

Colin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson in "Eureka"

There’s a funny side, a painful side, and a tragic side to failing. What the last episode of “Eureka” shows us is the most meaningful side of failure- the “successful” side.

In “You Don’t Know Jack”, Sheriff Carter’s daughter Zoe (played by Jordan Hinson) is at a loss to decide what memories to add to Eureka’s version of a time capsule. From her perspective, all the memories she has of Eureka are of the mistakes she has made. Henry Deacon (played by Joe Morton), the mayor of Eureka does his best to change her point of view on mistakes and failure. “..mistakes are what makes the exceptional, possible” and “..mistakes can lead to new directions. Sometimes the wrong path, leads to the right path so just give it time, and you will¬†find your OWN path“, ¬†Henry sages. Never get tired of hearing that.

It’s growing trend in corporate culture to embrace mistakes and failures in order achieve greater success more quickly. Arguably one of the best examples of companies and employees embracing failure is a much socially shared video produced by Honda “FAILURE- The Secret to Success“.

I’ve been waiting to blog about this for a long time. It really is the one idea that keeps me going. Hopefully you have been, or will be working for a long time. In that time, if you ever fail or make a mistake, you’re actually doing it RIGHT. It’s hard to get anywhere much less know any real success unless you make mistakes and fall on your butt sometimes. Honda’s employees aren’t the only ones to realize it takes failure to achieve success. Any successful individual who’s above-board will tell you it takes a lot of failing to achieve success. Anyone you think is successful and hasn’t failed is either really good at hiding or lying about their mistakes, period.

No matter what mistakes you’ve made or if you’re the featured subject on the FAIL blog, if you learn from the past, let it inspire ideas about the future, believe in yourself and your dreams, you’ll end up being thankful for those mistakes when you finally hold success in your hands.

Got a story where failure led to success? Post it here.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

August 31, 2009 at 4:37 pm