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Lesson from “Warehouse 13”- Look Before Leaping Into Your New Job

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Though many are going to roll their eyes, I have to bring up a new show from the SyFy channel (why they rebranded, I’ll never know, but the promos are top-notch). The pilot for “Warehouse 13” (Tuesdays @ 9pm on SyFy) deals with an  important issue in managing one’s career- ensuring the job offer is right for you. Yes, while most are just focusing on getting an interview in the first place, making sure the job you’re being offered is the right move is just as important. Trust me, I know, but more on that later.

The show is about 2 Secret Service agents, who, after foiling an attempt on the President’s life, are given a top secret assignment-  acquiring and guarding objects of a ‘supernatural’ nature for the sake of national security. A little bit like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” meets “The X-Files” but I’m sure other fans can come up with something more fitting. In the pilot, after Agents Pete Lattimer (played by Eddie McClintock) and Myka Bering (played by Joanne Kelly) are introduced to their new assignments, Lattimer takes to it like fish to water, while Bering is kicking and screaming to get her old post back protecting the president. After they manage to close their first case together, Agent Bering has the opportunity to get her old job back. Of course she declined or else there would be no show, but it does illustrate that one does need to review a new job offer  before taking it. In the case of Agent Bering , she didn’t really have a choice until the end, but for us mere mortals, it can be difficult to vet a job offer when you’re so happy just to get an offer in the first place.

Make Sure You Get More Than a Place To Go 40 Hours a Week

While everything looks and sounds promising before and during the interview, things may look different afterwards, and by the time you’ve taken the job and realized how much a mistake it was, it’s already too late. So, before you accept the offer, make sure it’s serving your career interests and not just your financial needs. Siri Anderson Yahoo! hotjobs suggests a reviewing 5 point checklist before accepting an offer. It could save you from lost time, opportunity, and potential damage to your career. Like I said I know.

As For Me…

Without speaking ill of any past employers, all of which I’m appreciative , I’ve looked before I leaped on more than one occasion.  I’ve also seen others do the same in my journey through the working world. It really is difficult to appraise opportunities objectively when both fear and desperation describe your job search mindset. However, your career is a lot like chess- you have to think several moves ahead before making your next. Something to think about at the very least. I know each and everyone of us will get the offer they’re waiting for. I just hope we’re mindful enough to check under the hood and kick the tires before signing on the dotted line.


Written by Reginald Bautista

July 16, 2009 at 12:39 am