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My name is Reggie. I’m looking for a career, and it’s not the first time. My last job was in marketing, but I’ve also managed websites, served in the military, even sold handbags (really). Yeah, I’ve worn a lot of hats, but now I’m trying to make a career at marketing. While I’m waiting for my shot, I thought I might write about my 2 biggest preoccupations at the moment- a career and TV shows.

Whether you’re out of work or struggling to keep the work you have, a surprisingly valuable (and hopefully entertaining) source for tips and pearls of wisdom are TV shows. Not talking about “American Idol”, DWTS, or any other reality game shows. I’m talking about the scripted ones, where there’s a plot, conflict, resolution, and a few funny moments along the way. Once upon time they use to teach us life lessons, and they still do. In this day and age where work is scarce and careers are on the brink of extinction, I found it intriguing what career lessons we can learn from TV. You may not think that there’s a lot TV shows can teach us about finding a job or developing a career. On the contrary, a couple of my favorites deal with individuals making a living after being fired from their coveted and prestigious jobs. So, in a not-so-dry and entertaining way, I hope to share some lessons and motivation on how to find and keep your calling.

I’m not a know-it-all, nor can I watch every scripted TV show out there (though I’ve tried), so I’m looking forward to hearing about your career lessons from TV as well. I’ll also share my experiences with the lessons learned (if applicable), so I hope you’ll do the same. Best of luck to all those in search of, or managing their careers.

-Reginald Bautista


Written by Reginald Bautista

July 11, 2009 at 8:37 pm

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