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“Heroes”- Get a Mentor

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Hiro mentors Emma in discovering her power in "Heroes"

Hiro mentors Emma in discovering her power in "Heroes"

Finally getting over that bug, and sinking my teeth into something new- mentors. One thing I haven’t been fortunate enough to have is a mentor in my professional life, but I’m absolutely convinced that it’s crucial to being successful. The latest episode of  “Heroes” drove it home.

In “Tabula Rasa”, more than one story line was running on the same theme. After learning that Hiro is dying, Peter asks for Noah’s help in finding someone with the power to heal. When they do find someone with that power( a teen named Jeremy Greer), they discover his power has developed so that he can take life as well, but doesn’t know how to control it. After Peter is accidentally shot, Noah desperately coaxes him to use his powers to heal Peter. Meanwhile Peter has referred Emma (played by Deanne Bray), someone whose just discovered her power, to Hiro. At this point her power frightens her, wants nothing of it and pleads with Hiro to help her get rid of it. Hiro shows her through a magic show that her power is a gift.

Everyone Needs a “Master Shifu”

I can’t avoid bringing it up because it’s on cable everyday. Everyone has gifts, great and small( and just plain weird), and it takes a Master Shifu from “Kung Fu Panda” to bring it out, develop it, and turn it into something awesome. Robert Half Technologies wrote an article finding and working with a mentor called “5 Steps to Help You Make the Most of a Mentorship“. Aside from the 5 steps, the most important idea they illustrate is that you may have raw talent and skill, but without experience to appropriately apply that talent, it’s not that helpful. A mentor can combine knowledge and experience with your natural talents.

Combining Old School and “Your” School

Good mentors hold themselves to a high standard. The high standard is usually defined by mentoring someone who through their own accomplishments  and experience, adds something new to the art,discipline, or job. Circle of life stuff, you know. So, should you decide on getting a mentor, make sure your talents, whatever they are,  mesh with their knowledge to create something that’

Got a good mentor? Share something about them here.


Written by Reginald Bautista

October 22, 2009 at 3:33 am

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