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“Eureka” – Career Choices to Make

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Jack Carter facing change and choices on "Eureka"

Jack Carter facing change and choices on "Eureka"

I thought I would save my next post for when the fall TV season is in full swing, but I felt it was important to throw this one out there. In the season finale of “Eureka”, Sheriff Carter is faced with a life choice. Made me wonder what is the best way to handle life choices such as career change without creating another ‘fail’ moment.

In “What Goes Around, Comes Around”, Carter faces a couple of big changes in his life. His daughter Zoe is going away to attend Harvard. His girlfriend Tess (played by Jaime Ray Newman) is leaving for a job in Australia. Carter finds himself wondering whether to follow Tess to Australia (which may or may not end his tenure in Eureka) or not. Obviously he’s sticking around or else they’d have to call the show whatever Australian town he’d move to, but the point is we all face big decisions, in our lives and our careers. Is there a way to make those decisions less scary? Selena Dehne has some suggestions in “Confused About Changing Careers?“. Aside from doing research into your decision, Dehne also writes that you should consider alternatives to retraining and exploring your career path options in your career change.

Finding Yourself Is Never Easy

For those NOT blessed enough to find your calling when you were a kid, it can be scary making a career change. I’ve made several myself. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is are you making this change for you and your own happiness, or out of obligation to something or someone else. If it’s the latter, chances are it won’t last. Given changes made with the best of intentions still may not pan out, but hopefully you would’ve learned something valuable and applied that knowledge to new experiences. So, if you do find yourself facing a change, my advice is to be sure it’s in the pursuit of your own happiness.

How do you handle career and life changes? Share it here.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

September 22, 2009 at 5:35 am

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