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“Warehouse 13”- “Married” to Your Co-Worker?

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Myka and Pete's close working relationship on "Warehouse 13"

Myka and Pete's close working relationship on "Warehouse 13"

In any workplace, it’s a nice to have a co-worker you can count on, even though appearances can be deceiving. It’s hard to dispute that what makes “Warehouse 13” entertaining is the “relationship” between Pete and Myka. While the sexual tension is amusing, it’s their professional and platonic relationship that can be beneficial, but misconstrued by others.

In “Nevermore“, Pete follows Myka as she visits her parents in light of a family emergency regarding her father (played by Michael Hogan). Turns out the family emergency involves an artifact and they spend the episode trying to neutralize it. During the episode, it’s apparent the bond between Pete and Myka grows stronger as a result of what she and her parents are going through. In larger terms, the workplace is a stressful environment and having a trusted partner and friend to help you deal is a huge help in my book.

What It Means to Have a “Work Spouse”

Call it what you will. Your best friend at work. Your best work buddy. Your actual “partner” at work. Having someone you can trust and work closely together can be beneficial to your work and career as whole. helps to determine whether or not you have what they call a “work spouse” in “7 Signs You Have a Work Spouse“. The article also explores the risks and benefits of having one. It’s not surprising that the benefits and risks are similar to those for dating someone in the workplace, minus the sex part. The trust, teamwork and productivity are offset by other co-workers feeling excluded, the proximity to co-workers where your working relationships have gone sour, and jealousy of actual spouses.

Same Sex Work Spouse

I would add that the your work spouse doesn’t have to be of the opposite sex. I have contacts that outright call their business partners their “spouse” even though they’re of the same sex. I believe the same benefits and risks still apply though.

From my point-of-view it’s nice to have a “battle buddy” as those from the military would say. It can be tough dealing with anything alone. As with any relationship, it takes work to make it work, but it’s also important to be as above board and transparent as possible to any third parties, whomever they may be.

What’s your “work marriage” like? Post it here.

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Written by Reginald Bautista

September 16, 2009 at 4:38 pm

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